Meet Dooper

Dooper is our twelve-year-old high-energy Llewellin (field type) English Setter breed of dog ( He holds the American Kennel Club (AKC) certificate as a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and is a graduate of Jo-Thor Training Academy.

imageDooper loves his weekly therapy dog visits to the local hospital in Park City, Utah. Pat sees the joy he brings to both employees and patients. Dooper even gets to help in physical therapy.

Together, Pat and Dooper teach people how to teach their dogs. Pat says, “Having Dooper as my ‘caninedooper_smiling_2 helper’ lets students get a better feel of what to do in class. Everyone just “gets it” better when they can watch us demonstrate the move or command, trick or agility event. Dogs even learn from Dooper, you better believe they are watching him. It’s kind of cool.”

pat_2 Dooper is a great traveler and is always ready for a trip to the beach and to the mountains of Park City, Utah. He lives with two cats: Molly and Scully and human-daddy, Dirk. He used to love doing agility and fetching; unfortunately, hip issues limit his activity in both. He requires and gets lots of high energy hikes and swims and his ultimate joy, “setting” on birds.  

To learn more about Dooper’s breed, you can buy Pat and Dooper’s DVD, Teach that Dog! Super Good Manners where they feature his breed on their special section: Meet-A-Breed. They also highlight the Westie, the Great Dane and the Goldendoodle dogs.