Pat’s Class and Training Philosophy

A Fun Trainer!
“Coming to class is the highlight of my week. It’s so much fun!” and, “My dog’s tail starts wagging the minute she realizes we’re heading to class!” If you’re looking for a dog trainer who is warm, funny, energetic and “knows her stuff” then Pat Mitchell is your dog trainer.

Dog Training is Really People Training
imageThere are two types of dog trainers; those that train the dogs and those that train the people. At Super Dooper Dog Training, we’re all about TRAINING THE PEOPLE. We train you so you can teach your dog!

A Happy Dog Makes a Happy Home
Just like kids, dogs are happiest in a home with simple, consistent rules. For your dog, whether it’s sitting politely for food, not dashing out open doors or greeting visitors without jumping; we cover it all.

“Talking Dog”
From the start, we teach you how to talk like dogs by using body language and body movement more than anything else. We explain the science behind it. You will start to use hand signals as well as verbal cues when giving commands.

Having Fun Makes Better Learning
We want class to be entertaining and high-energy classes. We do sports like agility in classes, even in puppy class: jumps, weave poles, tunnels, hoops, and ramps. You may Square Dancin’ and compete in Doggie-Olympics with ribbons for the winners. Definitely, you’ll leave with a few tricks up your sleeves.

Pat loves to work with the whole family
Training the whole family or whoever spends a lot of time with your dog, is key. It helps keep training words and techniques consistent. Kids that are calm, interested in learning and well-behaved are always welcome at Super Dooper Dog Training. Any questions call or email them.

Setting Pat apart from the others:
  1. We schedule classes to fit what works best for you
  2. We keep class sizes small (4 dogs max in a group class)
  3. Kids welcomed! They should listen, wait their turn, and smiling faces as we take lots of photos
  4. We give Super Dooper Dog Training diplomas that you can frame and show off to friends and family
  5. We take photos in your class; frame them, facebook them and send them
  6. We have our very own top-selling DVD, Teach That Dog! Super Good Manners (starring Dooper!)
  7. We are one of the only trainers in the area “Approved” by the American Kennel Club (AKC) to teach their popular: AKC STAR Puppy Class, AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and the brand-new AKC Community Canine (CGCA) classes.
  8. Pat is an Atlanta Magazine, BEST DOG TRAINER Award winner!

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