The Studio

Rain or shine…sleet or snow…any weather is training weather at Super Dooper Dog Training®.

Super Dooper Dog Training® has its own training studio in Flowery Branch, Georgia. It’s bright, fun and energetic just like our training style and philosophy.

  • The Dooper Market: Inside is the Dooper Market with the best training tools like: top quality leashes and collars, food puzzles like KONGS and toys and yummy treats you need and want. No need to drive all-over-town to get supplies when you train with us. We custom fit, and most importantly, show you how to use all items.
  • Indoor training: There’s an indoor instructional classroom area and plenty of room for doing indoor agility like jumps, tunnels, weave poles and supervised puppy play-time!
  • Outdoor training: When the weather’s nice, we have the outdoor training area that’s totally fenced-in and offers a secure place for outdoor classes, agility, and off-leash work.