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Join Dooper and Me on a Therapy Visit

Enjoy joining my English Setter named Dooper and me on one of our visits to the local hospital so you can see what a Therapy Dog visit looks like. Dooper loves doing his visits as much as people love seeing him. My dream is to have an army of Therapy Dogs out their spreading their love and joy in hospitals, churches, libraries, senior centers and many more places all across the land.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly on Dog Parks

dooper dog parkComing from the perspective of a dog trainer, dog parks are too risky. When people ask me about them, I suggest other ways to socialize and get quality dog playtime. If they really want to try one, I offer advice on ways to increase the odds for a safe experience for themselves and their dog.

No one is there to police a dog park. No one controls who comes and goes. No one is there asking for proof of vaccinations or doing temperament test to see if all the dogs are healthy good-play partners. You don’t know what dogs are going to be there when you are. You have to wonder, are the other dogs properly vaccinated? Are the other dogs healthy with no contagious diseases? Are the other dogs dog-dog friendly? Are the other dogs dog-people friendly? I hear too many stories when these questions are given bad answers. Continue reading

Put a Smile on Your Dog’s Face

dooper_smiling_1“Search for what naturally makes your dog smile.” Wise advice from one of my heroes, Sue Sternberg, an expert in the field of shelter dogs and their temperaments. Personally, it gets to the heart of how we should train and live with our dogs. It’s one of the reasons why we try to make classes fun and active. Dogs tend to trust and respect, listen and behave better for owners who make them smile.

All dogs are different and have different likes. Our job is to find what naturally makes them happy. My parents’ Yorkie, Regis, loves to search in flowers for lizards. It’s his natural instinct in action. Our dog, Dooper, a Llewellin English Setter, loves to run and set on birds in open field since he’s a bird dog. When he was younger he loved fetch and do agility. Continue reading