AKC Community Canine (CGCA) Certification

What is the Community Canine (CGCA)?
Brand new to the AKC is the Community Canine (CGCA) class. It extends the skills learned in the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) class out and into the community. The handler and dog’s skills are tested in a natural public setting; not in a quiet cozy training studio. Those that pass are eligible for the CGCA title which stands for Advanced-CGC. Learn more at akc.org/dogowner/training/canine_good_citizen/index.cfm

Is this class for you?
  • Have you and your dog already passed the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test?
  • Does your dog have either an AKC number, PAL number or AKC Canine Partners number? If not, don’t worry, mixed and pure breed dogs can all get one of these three eligible numbers from the AKC. It’s easy to apply, we can help you and to learn more just go to akc.org/cgc/number.pdf.
Can I get the required AKC number if my dog is a mixed breed or doesn’t have a number?
Absolutely, you’ll apply during the class for either an AKC PALs or Canine Partners number which are for mixed breeds and breeds presently not recognized by the AKC.

Why go for the AKC CGCA title?
  • It’s fun training with your dog.
  • We practice at our studio and parks, shoping centers and other public venues.
  • It’s a great warm-up for Therapy Dog training though its not a requirement to take our Therapy Dog training class or a requirement from the Therapy Dog groups in our area.
  • Your dog is eligible to receive an official AKC title!
There is an actual CGCA test?
Yes, but don’t panic! We practice with you and your dog so that when you are ready to take the test, which is usually on lesson six, it will be easier for you and your dog to pass. It’s a more challenging version of the AKC CGC test.

Tell me more!
The class fee is $200.00 and includes the AKC CGCA test. You may need to buy required equipment for the test it all depends on what you already own. The class runs for 6-weeks and is 1-hour weekly. We will meet at our studio and around town at public venues.