Private Lessons

Private Lessons at our place, your place or both?

The choice is yours for privates:
  • Come to our Super Dooper Training Studio, or
  • we’ll come to you, or
  • do both.
Lots of our clients do a mixture of both for variety. Plus, one benefit of being at our studio is we can do a wider range of agility exercises.

What if my dog has aggression problems?
Group classes are not too helpful for a dog with aggression issues. We must confess that this is not our strength as you really need an expert in the field of behavior who can best aid you with aggression problems. Email us and we are happy to refer you to the best in your area.

Housetraining help!
For housetraining issues, one or two visits to your home can usually “clean-up” any housetraining bad habits. We’re pretty darn good at helping with this issue!

Can the whole family come?
Absolutely! We love to get the whole family to train with their dog in the lesson(s), whenever possible. We allow kids that are calm, interested in learning and are well-behaved so that they don’t distract you or your pup/dog. Call or email us for any questions.

How much is a Private Lesson?
Our regular rate for private lessons is only $140.00* per visit. We offer a 10% Preferred Vet Client Discounts for the following vets:
  • Best Friend Vet and Pet Lodge
  • Chateau Animal Hosital
  • Chestnut Mountain Hospital
  • Friendship Springs Vet Care
*We may recommend additional training tools for training success. These are all available at our studio’s Dooper Market or we’ll bring them with us to your home. Rest assured, we will custom fit and teach you how to use any and all equipment properly.

Barbara Gibson of Decatur, Georgia tells about her Private Lessons with Murphy:
“When I got Murphy, a three month old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, I knew he would need training. However, I knew that I would not be able to handle group obedience classes. Pat came to my home. I hate for our sessions to end because I am enjoying them so much, and Murphy loves having his own personal trainer.”