Super Good Manners I & II

Group Class Series

What age dogs are in class?
Super Good Manners Group classes are for mixed and pure breed, adolescent pups ages 6+ months to adult-aged dogs and is ideal for newly adopted dogs that are even several yMerry r1ears old.

How big is the class size?
Just right, not too large and not too small. Normal class sizes range from 2-4 canine students and their human families.

How many weeks of classes and how much does it cost?
Super Good Manners I and II series run for 5-weeks with classes each week that will last 2 hours. The class fee is only $165.00*.

*We may recommend additional training tools for training success. These are all available at our studio’s Dooper Market. Rest assured, we will custom fit and teach you how to use any and all equipment we recommend.

What is Super Good Manners II?
Many students want to keep taking classes after Super Good Manners I is over so we offer you to stay together and keep going on in class with our Super Good Manners II class. We work on what you’ve learned in SGMI class and add many more advanced commands.

What makes this program so super special?
Fun learning, including agility and trick training, and photos from class.

  • We do fun agility and scent/nosework training games to help you and your dog learn faster and have fun, too
  • Kids welcomed! They should listen, wait their turn, and smiling faces as we take lots of photos
  • We give each graduate an official Super Dooper Dog Training® Diploma
  • We take plenty of photos of you and your dog in class for showing off and putting in your dog’s scrapbookCannon ribbonr1
  • We play training games with prizes
  • The companion series DVD, Teach That Dog! Super Good Manners, follows our six-week lessons and is available for purchase. You can even watch individual lessons with Lessons On-Demand.
What do we cover?
Good manners stuff like:
  • Learn to “talk dog” using dog language, body movements and gestures
  • Walking nicely on a loose leash so that he isn’t dragging you down the street
  • Obeying when you tell him to sit, stay, down, come and other good manner commands
  • Having him go to his “place” to help stop begging or bugging you and your visitors
  • Waiting politely at the door, exiting a car and waiting for his meals
  • Greeting politely other people and other dogs
  • Controlling annoying habits like jumping and biting, and much moreDixie weave r1
What if my dog has aggression problems?
If you feel your dog may have temperament and behavioral issues, email us for more information. This type of group lessons would not be the best environment for your dog. For more information, go to our Private Lessons section.
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