Super Good Therapy Dog

We are fast becoming the experts in Therapy Dog (Pet Therapy) Training. OUR TRUE PASSION LIES HERE!

Pat Mitchell is a volunteer Tester/Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs!

Dooper and Pat visit at the local hospital as members of The Alliance of Therapy Dogs ( Enriching my life and his, I enjoy sharing my sweet boy with folks who need a little cheering up. We say hello to the hospital employees, do bedside visits and help out in the Physical and Occupational departments!
Dooper with med staff
Dooper with little boyDooper's official badge.

Meet some of our Super Therapy Dog Graduates
We have so many graduates who are either retired from or are actively doing Pet Therapy visits in hospitals, schools, libraries, senior citizen centers, Hospice, etc…

Diogi and Deanne with mom  Jimmy TD Diploma at SDDT Zurie and Jimmy at NEGAMC

Robin and Coco TD diplomaDooper and Gus
Abigayle holds an AKC Advanced Therapy Dog title for doing over 100 visits!!! Read Elaine’s story from one of their visits, “Friday was a great Happy Tails visit to a nursing home. Abigayle had her head rested on a woman’s lap looking up at her. The woman told Abigayle she loved her! Abigayle looked up at her with those happy eyes and face too and I told her, ‘Abigayle loves you too’… Life doesn’t get any better than this, does it?” Abigayle in her vest

Dooley and Charlene (TDI Pet Therapy team members)

Dooley is a big wonderful love bug who adores going into schools, especially letting the kids practice their reading as he gets lots of love. He’s even a star in the newspaper!

LymanHall1Dooley in class cropped

Therapy Dog visitation your dream?
Then, you need to join our Super Therapy Dog class!
Pat Mitchell is a volunteer Tester/Observer for Alliance of Therapy Dogs!

Why Join A Therapy Dog Organization?

There are several popular Therapy Dog groups in the area and each one has their own unique testing and requirements to become members. You want to join a Therapy Dog Group because once you pass their stringent requirements and test they insure you and your dog under their insurance policy. Also, they can be your mentors and have a working relationship with facilities, schools, libraries and hospitals you may already be interested in visiting on your Therapy Dog visits. Check out these groups:

We Train You and Your Dog to Pass Therapy Dog Testing!
We train you and your dog on how to pass the test. We’ll use wheelchair and walkers, kids and older adults, practice at outdoor places and indoors at the studio. We rehearse how to visit people in bed, wheelchairs and walkers, position your dog to be read to by the kids. We make it fun too by adding games and agility if you like.

Super Good Therapy Dog class schedules:
At Super Dooper Dog Training®, we offer a 3-week workshop with each session lasting 3-hours, or 4-week workshop each session lasting 2-hours or a 6-week class with each session lasting 11/2hour  class fee is only $200.00. We can also include at no charge the AKC Canine Good Citizen (AKC CGC) Certificate if you and your dog wish.

Super Good Therapy Dog classes are customized depending on the needs of the student. Email for scheduling and pricing.*
*We may recommend additional training tools for training success. These are all available at our studio’s Dooper Market. Rest assured, we will custom fit and teach you how to use any and all equipment we recommend.

Pat and KC (TDI Pet Therapy members)
“Thanks so much for everything Pat! KC and I love you and love what you have done for us. From Super Good Puppy class to Canine Good Citizen class to Therapy Dog Training class, you taught us so much but always made it fun with agility, tricks, and playtime for the dogs. We couldn’t have passed the TDI (Therapy Dog International) Certification test without you. KC and I think you and Dooper are Super Dooper!” — Pat & KC