Meredith Emerson

Meredith Emerson had a dream to do Therapy Dog visitations with her then, young pup Ella. Her goal was the READ program where children would sit and read to Ella; learn more about READ… Children Reading To Dogs.

When Meredith was kidnapped and murdered in 2008 while hiking with Ella, we had trained together for over a year. She and Ella had already completed her Super Good Puppy and Super Good Manners classes and now they were working towards passing the AKC CGC test.

Ella is so sweet and loving that we knew she was going to be a great Therapy Dog especially with kids. By January 2008, she was about 16 months old and still too rambunctious and jumpy to pass but she was getting so much closer. That’s when tragedy struck…

We support Right to Hike, a foundation honoring the life of our student and friend.

Meredith is probably smiling down from heaven knowing that you are helping your dog be the best that he can be by training him! And Ella is saying a big “Arf, Arf!” from her home in Colorado with family.

These are photos from Meredith and Ella’s Super Good Puppy Class: